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A minimum order of 150 balls is required for free logo placement on custom balls.

Place your order for promotional balls NOW by calling 800-648-1254!

A QUATTRO soccer ball is a great promotional item. The advertiser is given maximum exposure. We can design a ball with your company name on it and put all your products on different panels, and it then can be used as a direct mail tool to soccer households with the characteristics of your choice. The biggest advantage is that, unlike other mailing or promotional items, a soccer ball will not be discarded. Rather it will be used and shared with lots of other people, giving advertisers substantial second tier esposure.

It can be a great way to kick off a new product or product line, a good Christmas gift, or an excellent free gift-with-purchase of your primary products.

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Here's a good example of how QUATTRO soccer balls can be used as promotional items: Let's consider a financial institution or an investment bank. We can put their company name in big letters on the balls and then put on each panel their mutual funds or other investment products (with information such as 5- or 10-year performance). They can mail this ball to soccer households which have (for example) net worths of $250,000.

The first and foremost benefit is that the ball will be noticed by the head of the family. Next, the ball will be used and shared with other players who will see the name of the company, and it will also be seen by parents and friends who are watching the players. If the soccer household that received the ball has 5 family members and one of the kids takes the ball for practice with 10 other kids, and there are 10 parents present to watch the practice, the name of the advertiser will be seen by at least 25 people, and these are very conservative estimates. Now if we assume the ball is used for 6 months, then we can get some idea of the immense exposure.

On the other hand, if the same advertiser sends 25 pieces of their brochure as a mass mailer, only 5 may even be opened by the recipients.

Compare quality with any popular brands like adidas, nike, select, brine, umbro etc.

The minimum order for the custom promotional ball is 150 balls.

Place your order for promotional balls NOW by calling 800-648-1254!